Continuous Monitoring

What Is Continuous Monitoring?

Continuous Monitoring is a subscription service that automatically checks for criminal records on your existing employees every 30 days. Employers are notified of any changes in the employees’ criminal history immediately. Simply subscribe to the service through your NCS account and turn on Continuous Monitoring for your employees. As employees are hired and terminated, you can turn the service on and off for selected employees.

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Why Continuous Monitoring?

Many employers only run background checks when employees are hired, but screening shouldn’t stop there. Even though 94% of employers conduct some type of background check when hiring, only 19% of employers run post-hire background checks, according to the Professional Background Screening Association. Continuous Monitoring shows changes in your employees’ criminal history in real-time without worrying about static information.


of employers don’t run post-hire background checks!

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Easy to Use with Tiered Pricing

  • You control the number of employees subscribed to Continuous Monitoring.
  • Tiered pricing keeps costs down.
  • Continuous Monitoring checks for criminal records every 30 days.

Ready to Get Started?

If you wish to subscribe to Continuous Monitoring, you must first have an NCS account. If you need assistance with the setup process, please call 888-527-3282 or email customer support at

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